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The Dutch Association of Investors for Sustainable Development (VBDO) works to create a sustainable capital market, a market that considers not only financial criteria but also non-financial, social and environmental criteria. VBDO’s vision is to increase sustainability awareness among companies and investors.
The two parties in the capital market that VBDO deals with are the (private and institutional) investors and the companies in which are invested. With research and engagement, VBDO tries to encourage both parties in the capital market to be more sustainable.
Since 1995, VBDO has attended the Annual General Meetings (AGMs) of publicly listed companies and posed questions to management on the topic of sustainability. Furthermore, research reports are published annually on responsible investment policies of large investors such as pension funds, insurance companies, charities en religious institutions. In addition to this, the VBDO has conducted research on sustainable savings and investments in the Netherlands, responsible supply chain management and investments in food commodities.


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