About usWelcome to the Global Sustainable Investment Alliance

We are a collaboration of membership-based sustainable investment organizations around the world. The GSIA’s mission is to deepen the impact and visibility of sustainable investment organizations at the global level. Our vision is a world where sustainable investment is integrated into financial systems and the investment chain and where all regions of the world have coverage by vigorous membership based institutions that represent and advance the sustainable investment community.
Several goals direct GSIA’s work:

  1. to deepen the impact and visibility of GSIA members at the global level and to communicate about our distinctive role in national, regional and international arenas;
  2. to enhance the synergies between GSIA members;
  3. to undertake initiatives that would benefit from global coordination, and to enable GSIA members to support and supplement each other’s work where cross-border (regional and international) collaboration is needed or occurring;
  4. to enable GSIA members to be strong, effective and productive within their regional and national markets;
  5. to provide advice and support, where possible, to local and regional sustainable investment organizations.